I love the spoken verses! This song has really sexy vibes and I think that the spoken melodies fit really well with that! (L-O-V-E by Kfhox) ”

— Music City SongStar Awards


Kfhox is a songwriter/ artist based in Nashville, TN. Her music is a reflection of her eclectic and vast taste as a fan and runs the gamut from pop to reggae to hip hop. Her latest single, “Just Love” is an intentionally pop-centric cut, written and recorded during the global pandemic of 2020. 


In fact, “Just Love” is only one of several songs that she and her producer, Darin “D-Roc” James, recorded throughout the pandemic. They agreed to keep working despite all the challenges of quarantine and the shut downs in Nashville. What presented itself as downtime for many musicians only fueled the fire to keep creating for the songwriter/ production duo and they have come out on the other side with an arsenal of music set for release from Fall 2020 and throughout the new year. 


Set for release on October 9, 2020,  “Just Love” presents the idea of falling in love before a connection has truly even been made between two people. Much like a school girl crush where imagination sets the tone for an entire relationship in one’s own mind, Kfhox explores the fun, idealistic notion of romance, with a driving hook and an undeniable beat to create a song you’ll want to play on repeat. 


“Just Love” is the first single since her last full length album dropped, only 8 moths ago on Valentine’s Day. Her album, “Love 360°” is still making waves on radio and in the Grammy consideration realm. Nashville’s own WRFN 103.7 & 107.1 FM have kept “Good Thing” by Kfhox featuring Jimmy B Fearless in heavy rotation, preceding and following her interview with them in June of 2020. Kfhox also got great feedback from two camps of the Coalition DJs, one based locally in Tennessee and the other based out of North Carolina, praising Kfhox for her eclectic mix as a songwriter and artist. Coalition DJs in Tennessee have also commended Kfhox on her persistence and her ability to consistently create quality music since she first performed for them back in March, just before the live music world shut down as a result of Coronavirus. 


Kfhox’s last visual for her single, “Roll With It” featuring Broadway Rapper, was filmed only weeks after the devastating tornado that came through Middle Tennessee & Nashville. The song is a message of hope and a reminder of resilience through dark times. The music video, shot and edited by Lance Goodman, includes aerial views of the devastation throughout East & North Nashville with the intention of being a reminder of how much Nashville has experienced even before the pandemic hit Music City. Kfhox had just returned from a press run in NYC, as well as using the promo tour to raise awareness about tornado relief efforts and taking up collections from New York to Rhode Island, when she came home to shoot the video. She gave up a return flight to Nashville in exchange for driving back in order to deliver the donations, which went to various groups who organized relief efforts on behalf of the families directly impacted by the tornado. 


Rhode Island NBC Channel 10’s award-winning journalist, Jessica Botelho, met with Kfhox before she embarked on the drive back to Nashville to share the news of her spearheading relief efforts up north. The article was shared across NBC Channel 10’s social media outlets with the sub-headline, “Kfhox, a singer-songwriter bred in Rhode Island who now lives in Nashville, has been collecting supplies and funds for residents and businesses impacted by deadly tornadoes that hit parts of Tennessee.” The interview had been planned as a follow up to Botelho’s initial interview with Kfhox regarding her song, “North Star,” where Kfhox shared the experience of losing her mother in November 2018 as a the catalyst for not only the song, but her entire album. The follow up interview shifted gears as News 10 learned of KFhox’s tornado relief efforts. 

With live music on pause for now, Kfhox’s scheduled performance at Houston’s L.O.U.D. Fest has been postponed until December with other performances on hold until further notice. Despite the challenges of performing live, Kfhox has still been connecting with her fans through social media. Her most recent Facebook Live concert was in celebration of her first full length album, “Journey of a GemInEye,” which celebrated 5 years since its release on August 28, 2015. Accompanied by guitarist, Colin Wells of Alabama, Kfhox continues to find creative and innovative ways to stay connected with her audience and strives to keep human connection alive despite social distancing protocols. 


The next single, “Just Love” will close out the year for Kfhox’s releases until the new year, when several singles & visuals will be released in succession. A lyric video will accompany the release of the single and an official music video will make its way onto her YouTube channel (Kfhox) in November, just before the holiday frenzy begins. 


Visit https://kfhox.com/ for the latest updates on new Kfhox music & more. 







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